My Process

From scripting to final deliverables, I am experienced in all aspects of producing quality digital media. The following is a breakdown of my workflow for an educational video about Bonsai, which I independently created from start to finish.

1. Ideation & Scripting

After researching and gathering credible sources about the practices of Bonsai, I constructed an outline of the video's expected progression. I then wrote an Audio/Visual script for the video, in where the right column is the voice over script and the left column is a list of corresponding visuals. 

Adobe Acrobat document [73.4 KB]

2. Style Guide

I then picked fonts, color schemes and cartoon styles for the video and arranged them into a single-page guide to adhere to throughout production.

3. Storyboard

Using my styleguide, I created a storyboard for the video, breaking up each cell into a managable section that corresponds with each section of the script.

Adobe Acrobat document [8.2 MB]

4. Graphic Design

Referencing my storyboard, I made an asset list and created individual animation assets for the video using Adobe Illustrator. 

5. Voiceover 

I recorded my voice over and edited it together in Adobe Audition.

6. Animation 

Using the Illustrator assets and storyboard for reference, I animated the video along the timeline of the voiceover.

7. Soundtracking

Using a render of the animation for reference, I soundtracked the video in Logic Pro X, aligning my musical changes with the changes in the video.

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